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Recovery Deed - Recovery Plan Template

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 1:58 PM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

Dear Defence Industry, Defence Industry Groups and Defence Industry Counsel,


Firstly, our thanks to so many of you who have expressed interest in entering into a COVID-19 Recovery Deed with Defence.


As you would be aware, the Recovery Deed contemplates that a Recovery Plan will be submitted in relation to Affected Contracts which have been included within executed Recovery Deeds. 


To assist industry in this process, Defence has prepared a template Recovery Plan. Please find attached the following documents which will hopefully assist you in connection with preparing a draft form of Recovery Plan:


1            Guidance to completing the Recovery Plan

2            Recovery Plan Template comprised of 3 pages:

  1. Page 1 Contractor Group Tab;
  2. Page 2 Affected Contract Tab; and
  3. Page 3 Reasons (which will be set up as drop down/filter to the Reasons column in the Affected Contract Tab).

3            Recovery Plan Template Mock-up – Affected Contract Tab


The attached documents are provided for guidance only in order to give you an indication of the level of detail that you will need to capture as part of the Recovery Plan.  Please do not complete any of the attachments.


Excel workbooks for each Recovery Plan will be pre-populated with the list of agreed Affected Contracts and provided to each contractor group following Recovery Deed execution.  As noted above please note that the “Reasons” column of the Affected Contracts list will be a drop-down menu that you will be able select from, and then you can chose to provide further specific information in the “Reason Detail” column.  We note that there is no expectation that any more detail than what is included in the mock-up plan attached would need to be completed at this stage.


We believe the Recovery Plan represents the best way to work with industry to implement practical and equitable approaches to dealing with the impact of any COVID Event on Affected Contracts.

Emailed Documents.zip

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