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Virtual Supply Chain Opportunity Roadshow

Monday, July 27, 2020 2:42 PM | Jack Cameron (Administrator)

Good morning,

Lockheed Martin will be conducting a Virtual Supply Chain Opportunity Roadshow later this month and we seeking your assistance in identifying companies that match with identified potential opportunities below.

In the past, these engagements have been done face to face, however with COVID, they cannot undertake such an activity at this current time.

Further details as follows:


Date:                                   11 August, 2020

Time:                                   07:30 – 10:30

Dial in details:                   TBC, details will be provided once companies selected.


Lockheed Martin is currently investigating the Australian industry base for opportunities across a variety of programs. They are currently focussed on engaging with companies who possess world-class capability expertise in the following areas, and DefenceNT will be working to identifying and providing IRT the below:


·        Artificial Intelligence/Autonomy

·        Automated Route Planning and Flight Management

·        Automated System Integration and Verification

·        Automatic Contact and Target Recognition

·        Booster/Rocket Motor systems

·        Brazing

·        Cannister design work

·        Castings and Forgings

·        Circuit Card Assembly

·        Complex Cables and Harnesses

·        Complex and High Precision Machining

·        Composites

·        Cybersecurity

·        Data Analytics

·        Electrical Connectors

·        EO IR Sensors

·        Extruding

·        Gas Generator Vendors  

·        High Definition Video support


·          Hydraulic Systems inc pumps, hoses and controls

·          Inertial Navigation

·          Large Area High Definition Displays

·          LIDAR / RADAR /ESM capability

·          Logistics and Training Support

·          Motors and Actuators  

·          Multi-Spectral image analysis

·          Omni and Directional antennas

·          Optical/Multi-spectrum cameras

·          Propellants

·          Regulatory and Certification Support

·          RF Sensors

·          Rugged computing and networking hardware

·          Secure Communications

·          Silicon Carbide Manufacturer (Basic structural silicon carbide for large structures) Silicon Carbide for optics

·          Simulation

·          Transformers



Lockheed Martin hope to have State Government Industry teams, relevant companies and industry associations attend an informational event where Lockheed Martin will outline various programs and Australian industry opportunities.


With previous Roadshows, State Government teams and industry associations have worked together to provide prospective companies from their respective States in order to reduce duplication. We would like a similar process occur for this virtual Roadshow.


Given the virtual nature of this briefing, Lockheed Martin won’t be able to undertake the usual 1-on-1 meetings after the briefings are complete but they would like to work with you to identify suitable companies for follow ups post the event that present truly world-class capability.

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