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What can Aidn-nt do for you?

Providing tailored capability development opportunities for its members to orientate, develop and promote SME suppliers for project activities in the local, national and global regions.  Later changing its focus to Leading, Teaming and Contracting within the Industry.  Complemented through One-to-one bid coaching sessions on bid capture and management. 

Working with its partners Deloitte, Treeti and Clickstarter, AIDN-NT reached out to the Katherine and Alice Springs Regions through joint delivery of activities through the Chamber of Commerce, ICN an DTBI.

PRograms we run

Supply-Chain Improvement

AIDN-NT has a key focus on facilitating activities that will create improvements within the Defence Industry Supply-Chain in the NT. 

To do so it works with:

  • Local Australian Defence Force representatives to foster deeper engagement with its local SME industry members
  • Resident Primes within the NT to create stronger connections between them as customers to local SME industry members
  • The NT Government as a key sponsor to design and deliver a tailored Supplier Readiness Program.


Supplier Readiness Program:

AIDN-NT supports its local members and other SMEs within the Defence Industry Supply-Chain in the NT for:

  • Market orientation
  • Capability Development for:
    • Doing Business in Defence
    • Tendering to Defence
    • Marketing to Defence
    • Tradeshow Preparation
  • Supplier workshops on Leading, Teaming and Contracting
  • 1:1 Bid Coaching Sessions


Young Defence Professionals Program: 

The purpose of the AIDN-NT Young Defence Professionals Program is to:

Better connect, engage and inform young professionals employed within the Defence Support Industry in the NT to equip them as the New Thinkers of the Future.

Each year the group actively seeks to educate its members on the Defence Sector, highlight the great opportunities on offer, assist in designing information that attracts and retains young professionals, engage in diversity of thought on key enablers in the NT and reaches out to champions for support of their cause. 

Current Member Events

  • AIDN-NT AGM 23rd Nov NADO

Current External Defence Industry Events

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