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A strong, growing and sustainable NT Defence Support Industry (DSI) with capability aligned to Defence.


To work in partnership with all stakeholders to develop, promote, represent and connect the capability of the NT Defence Support Industry, whilst capturing an annually increasing share of NT Defence operations spending, to ensure the generation of ongoing and substantial benefits for those stakeholders.

Core Strategies

  1. DEVELOP: AIDN-NT will support and assist its members to sustain, develop and grow their local and regional capabilities through the projected movement of Defence capability and assets to NT to 2020 and beyond. AIDN-NT will also support the development and maintenance of a skilled workforce to ensure that there is capacity to service the current demands and any future growth in the NT DSI sector.
  2. PROMOTE: AIDN-NT will provide a range of opportunities for members to effectively engage with appropriate procurement elements of DoD and Defence Industry Bodies to build relationships and enhance Defence awareness of the NT DSI products, services, capability, capacity and skills.
  3. CONNECT: AIDN-NT will provide a range of services that meet members’ needs and ensure the retention of its current membership base and promote growth to a target of 120 companies across a diverse DSI sector. AIDN-NT will also work with Defence Support Division to encourage DSI participation in events and activities.
  4. REPRESENT: AIDN-NT will represent and advocate for the sustainment and growth of the NT DSI sector capabilities through engagement with both regional and national stakeholders. Member’s views will be strongly presented to strategically influence and pursue outcomes favourable to member’s interests.


AIDN-NT recognises that each Member’s first responsibility is to its own business. The manner in which a Member deals, in the course of its business, with other members, as well as government, competitors, business partners, sub-contractors and suppliers is, however, of significant, if not equal importance.

Provides The focal point for Defence’s interaction with Australia’s dynamic base of smaller defence companies.


  • Be recognised as the representative body of Defence Industry in the NT

  • Assist members, and in particular small to medium enterprises (SMEs), in their dealings with the Department of Defence and their primes

  • Facilitate the dissemination of DOD policy and procurement information to members including an electronic bulletin board for on-line information

  • Represent members in the presentation of their views, independent of Federal or sectorial interests, to Government departments

  • Assist with and facilitate networking between Territory Defence Industry bodies to enhance competitiveness and offset imported products

  • Represent members on forums, working groups and committees relating to Defence products and services

  • Actively promote the Australian Industry Involvement (AII) aims and objectives, and assist members in participating in industry development programs

  • Develop and build upon working relationships with appropriate procurement elements of the DOD and Defence Industry Bodies

  • Ensure that relevant DOD agencies and officers are aware of the products and capabilities within member organisations and networks

  • Provide a complete range of member services including industry forums, briefing sessions, training programs and networking opportunities to increase members’ competitiveness

  • Work closely with the relevant State and Territory Government representatives and organisations to formulate a consistent strategy toward Defence procurement development, especially at a local level

  • Assist members in maximising their profitability through enhanced business opportunities and initiatives, which improve management skills and expertise.

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